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WW NDT Services Weld School

WW NDT Services & Welding School

We're proud to work on some of the countries most impressive bridges and dams.

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Welding Certifications

In addition to our Sense Accredited Welding School, we also have Welding Certifications available

WW NDT Services Welding School is a licensed, SENSE accredited, welding school. We offer a twelve week competency based program using American Welding Society Standards for Entry Level Welders.


Welding Certifications – call 541-393-6555 today for a quote and get certified!

Select list of recent Tainter Gait & Structural steel inspections include:

  • Green Peter Dam
  • Fall Creek Dam
  • American Dam
  • Colorado Dam
  • Sellwood Bridge
  • Bend Water Treatment Plant
  • Rocket Launch Site Cape Canaveral Florida
Welding School

Welding School

In this program you will be introduced to many of the welding & fabricating techniques being used in the industry today. This is a hands‐on program where most of the instruction is based around class projects and practicing different welding techniques.
Welding Certifications

Welding Certifications

For as low as $300, become a certified welder at your shop or our new state of the art facility WW NDT Services Inc. offers welding certification testing in a wide variety of codes and standards including AWS and ASME.
WW NDT Services & Inspections

WW NDT Services & Inspections

Tainter Gate Inspection Services - Select list of recent Tainter Gait & Structural steel inspections include Green Peter Dam, Fall Creek Dam, American Dam, Colorado Dam, Sellwood Bridge
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